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Postural Assessments


At your first pelvic physical therapy appointment, we will get to know each other and will discuss the history of your symptoms and overall health. Time will be spent reviewing your paperwork, so please be sure to complete it prior to your visit. Physical assessment includes looking at breathing and posture, as well as hip, spine, and pelvic muscle flexibility, strength and tissue quality. Surface biofeedback or a gentle vaginal/rectal exam will allow for the best assessment of the pelvic floor muscles. We will finish your visit by discussing your findings, working together to establish a treatment plan, and getting you started on exercises so that you can begin making progress right away.

Follow-up Visits

Each treatment session will begin with a brief consultation to discuss progress or changes in symptoms since your last session. We will discuss how your home program is going and plan the next step in your pelvic treatment program. Treatments may include biofeedback (to improve awareness of muscle tightness or relaxation), hands-on manual work (to address trigger points or restrictions in pelvic muscles or soft tissue), or active exercise (to improve strength, length, and control of pelvic muscles). Throughout your pelvic physical therapy treatment, we will discuss behaviors and products that may help you manage your symptoms and speed your rehabilitation.

Manual Therapy
Core Strengthening


Pelvic physical therapy evaluation and treatment visits will last approximately one hour and will be spent one-on-one with your therapist. Pediatric evaluations are scheduled for 90 minutes. Patients are usually able to make progress with consistent work at home and clinic visits every one to two weeks. Typical care lasts 6 to 10 visits but varies for each person and their needs. 

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Virtual Visits

Connect online from the comfort of your own home. HIPAA compliant, face to face, virtual consultations or follow up visits can help move you forward on your journey toward pelvic health despite scheduling conflicts, travel restrictions or illness.

Telehealth Options
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