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Core ◆  Continence ◆ Confidence

Fundamental Physical Therapy began out of a desire to be able to give personalized, high-quality, one-on-one pelvic physical therapy care to the whole person, not just a diagnosis. I want to know my patients, to hear their story and know their concerns. I want to be able to manage my patient's pelvic care individually, based on their personal needs, to set goals that are personal and meaningful to them, and to restore joy and confidence to my patients. I want to meet my patients where they are, at whatever level of fitness or health they are at, and come alongside them to find ways to incorporate health and strength into their lives. I want to give my patients the time, attention, and care that I would want for myself and my family and be able to support not just their healthcare, but their whole lives. I want to be a resource to my patients for current pelvic needs, but also for future needs as their lives, families, and bodies change.

Darlene Ryan, PT

I was born and raised in Western New York, attending Daemen College for my Physical Therapy training. I moved to Charlotte after graduation in 1997. I have been practicing in a variety of therapy environments with patients of all ages but have found my greatest passion in treating women and children.  I have been working in the pelvic health arena since 2002, helping to start one of the first pelvic rehab programs in the Charlotte area. I eventually transitioned into exclusively outpatient pelvic therapy in 2006 and have completed my Pregnancy and Post-Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification.  I find great joy in helping my patients walk through the challenging and sometimes awkward process of getting relief from bowel and bladder issues as well as tackling the difficult, but critical steps to achieve enjoyable sexual function.  Outside of work, I invest in the lives of my own daughters, as well as work with middle school and high school girls, helping them to understand their great intrinsic value. I guide them to be proactive for their own health and well-being and to achieve their dreams using the skills and talents that they have been given. In my free time, I love to read, paddleboard, and be anywhere near water!

Darlene Ryan, PT
Folding Yoga Mat

Darlene has been a crucial part of my healthcare team in getting free from chronic pelvic pain. She is a skilled and compassionate physical therapist, and I am so grateful for her help! She is sensitive to my pace and what my body and nervous system can handle. As a result, I am able to enjoy my life so much more as we have gotten my symptoms dialed down significantly. And I have gotten stronger as well with the home exercises Darlene has given me. Now I have hope that my symptoms will eventually be resolved completely. Darlene is the best!

                                       ~ L.B., patient

Darlene, you are a goddess... this last ligament/muscle... you have no idea! This particular place has been a problem for a long time and I had just gotten used to that pain and didn't even realize until you just fixed it.  I can not thank you enough!

                                        ~ M.L., patient



APTA Section of Pelvic Health

The Pelvic Health Special Interest Group is a community of physical therapy professionals changing the conversation and perception about pelvic and abdominal health issues worldwide.

Mind Body Baby Collective

Mind Body Baby NC strives to provide education and support from conception to approximately two years after the due date (perinatal period.) We know that when a caregivers' mind and body are nurtured and cared for, their baby has the ability to reach their fullest potential.

Pelvic Rehab Practitioners
pelvic rehab directory is a directory for patients searching for pelvic rehabilitation practitioners. The amazing folks at Herman & Wallace | Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, created this site so that patients can easily search the thousands of clinicians that they train each year to find the provider that best meets their needs.

myPFM education resources

myPFM is a great educational resource!

Through a unique relationship of resource sharing, community empowerment, and high quality educational content, the ambassador program seeks to benefit the global community, myPFM, and the individual ambassadors through increased pelvic health awareness and account growth. 

Pregnancy Education


I am so thankful to have my pelvic comfort back again.  I was in my 35th week of pregnancy when I noticed that I could not open my legs properly without sharp pains from the pelvic ligaments on my left side.  This was prohibiting comfortable sexual activity with my husband and we both knew that needed to change!  Thankfully, I remember having a thorough exam with Darlene of FPT a couple years prior and even though I live out of town, I thought she might remember my issues and have advice.  After hearing my problem, she immediately sent me customized exercises and gave many points of advice to help.  She made it easy, straightforward, and I could even do many of the techniques / exercises while walking, brushing my teeth, and even multi-tasking in the kitchen.  I noticed improvement on the second day, and then continual improvement that has lasted!  I now do not have the ligament pain in the hip and I am so thankful that Darlene knew exactly what I needed to fix the issue! 

                    ~A.P., patient 

Bridge over still water

As your partner in healthcare, I want you to know that at Fundamental

Physical Therapy your physical, mental, and emotional health and safety will

always be my top priority.  In order to promote a safe environment for you,

I only see one client at a time in a private environment.  I have been able to

expand to telehealth visits to offer care for those who live in North Carolina

and are unable to come in-person. I will happily wear a mask for anyone

that feels more comfortable with a higher level of protection.

For my safety and the greater community, I do ask individuals to not come to

the clinic if they are having any symptoms of illness (fever, sore throat, cough,

or shortness of breath).  

Stay Well! 

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