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Personalized Pelvic Floor Therapy in the Lake Norman Area

No two people are alike—nor should your pelvic health PT care be.

At Fundamental Physical Therapy, you’ll receive high-quality, customized, one-on-one pelvic physical therapy care for you as a
whole personnot just your diagnosis.

Who You'll Work With: Darlene Ryan, PT & Pelvic Floor Specialist


Hi, I’m Darlene!


Born and raised in Western New York, I attended Daemen College for my Physical Therapy training. I moved to Charlotte after graduation in 1997 and, since then, have practiced in a variety of therapy environments with patients of all ages.


Treating women and children is my greatest passion. In 2002 I began working in pelvic health, helping to start one of the first pelvic rehab programs in the Charlotte area. In 2006 I began practicing exclusively in outpatient pelvic therapy.


In 2019, I started my own practice and then completed my Pregnancy and Post-partum Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification in 2020. I enjoy helping patients navigate the challenging (and sometimes awkward) process of getting relief from bowel and bladder issues. I’m passionate about supporting patients in tackling the difficult, but critical, steps necessary to achieve enjoyable sexual function.


Outside of work, I invest in the lives of my own daughters, and also work with middle school and high school girls, helping them to understand their great intrinsic value. I guide them to be proactive for their own health and well-being and to use their skills and talents to achieve their dreams. In my free time, I love to read, paddleboard, and be anywhere near water!

History and Evaluation

Ready to ditch pads or pull ups? Want to enjoy life with less pain?

Patient Testimonial

I am able to enjoy my life so much more...

"Darlene has been a crucial part of my healthcare team in getting free from chronic pelvic pain. She is a skilled and compassionate physical therapist, and I am so grateful for her help!


She's sensitive to my pace and what my body and nervous system can handle. As a result, I'm able to enjoy my life so much more as we have gotten my symptoms dialed down significantly... Darlene is the best!"

 - F o r m e r    P a t i e n t

Disclaimer: Patient details have been changed for confidentiality. This is a photo from It is not a photo of an actual Fundamental Physical Therapy patient.

Your Goals = My Priorities

I’ll listen as you share your concerns, your dreams, and your story. Then, we’ll work together to set personal and meaningful goals to help restore your joy and confidence.

I’ll meet you where you are, at whatever your level of fitness or health, to discover ways to incorporate health and strength into your life—in a way that works for you.


You’ll receive the time, attention, and care that I would want for myself and my family...

 ...And in the process, you’ll find support for not only your pelvic health—but also your whole life.



You’ll find in me a resource for your current pelvic needs and your future needs as your life, family, and body changes.

You can make changes to improve your pain and leakage…and get closer to the life you want.

I can give you the tools for success. Take the first step today.

Patient Testimonial

She has gotten me back to where I don't feel like things are falling out!

"Darlene is amazing!! She is so knowledgeable and professional, but friendly! I’ve had 4 kids and definitely needed some help with my weak pelvic floor muscles.


She has gotten me back to where I don’t feel like things are falling out! ☺️ She has given me tools to continue to work on at home and the ability to follow up at any time with questions or more visits. I would most definitely recommend her!!!"

 - F o r m e r    P a t i e n t

Disclaimer: Patient details have been changed for confidentiality. This is a photo from It is not a photo of an actual Fundamental Physical Therapy patient.

Ready to minimize pesky pain or leakage and maximize the activities
you love?

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