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Looking for Top Notch Pelvic Pediatric  Physical Therapy in Huntersville, NC?

At Fundamental Physical Therapy, you’ll find evidence-based tools and techniques to help your child stay dry, manage constipation—and enjoy being a kid!

Pelvic Pediatric Physical Therapy 

Smaller bodies doesn’t mean their issues aren’t a BIG deal.

You’re pulling your hair out dealing with your child’s bedwetting or bladder leakage. Your soiled laundry never ends and you don’t leave home without a change of clothes. Your child feels anxious in social situations and skips out on sleepovers. 


Or maybe your child’s tummy hurts daily because they’re constipated. They avoid pooping at all costs—and when they do, tears abound (your child’s and your own). Sound familiar?


You’re hoping these problems get better with time, (your physician may have even said your child will “grow out of it”), but your gut tells you they’ll lead to bigger issues down the road. Everyone on social media claims to have the cure, and it’s hard to know who to trust. I get it—and it feels lonely and overwhelming.


I've helped hundreds of kids overcome constipation and leakage using data-based techniques that work—

and I can teach you and your child, too. 


Addressing these problems early on is the best way to avoid long-term problems and help your child live their best life. 

Success Story

How Evan overcame constipation & fecal leakage.

When I met 7-year-old Evan, he had frequent stomach aches and struggled with constipation. As a result of his constipation, he was also experiencing fecal leakage and “skid marks” and was still wetting the bed.


He'd tried bowel clean outs, which helped temporarily, but each time he was back to leaks and belly aches within a few weeks.


During Evan's PT sessions, we: 

  • Reviewed his diet and pulled out a few foods that might be culprits

  • Worked on fluid and fiber management to help him get a soft, easy poop every day 

  • Worked on breathing strategies and core strengthening exercises

  • Adjusted poor toileting habits

Soon he was pooping regularly and the “skid marks” and fecal leakage stopped. After several weeks, he started having some dry nights! We implemented strategies to keep the poop moving, and developed a rescue plan in case things got backed up so he wouldn’t end up back on the “constipation carousel."

Happy Reader

Disclaimer: Patient details have been changed for confidentiality. This is a photo from It is not a photo of an actual Fundamental Physical Therapy patient.

Toileting Issues in Kids: More Common Than You Might Think

If you're in the throes of potty training, constipation, or encopresisfeeling frustrated and at your wits' endyou're not alone. Did you know:

Does your child suffer from any of these issues?
Let's work together to help your child get back to playing, learning, making friends, and having fun!


What Does PT Look Like With Kids?

Hint: It's Fun!

Pelvic Floor Awareness and Training

Pelvic floor muscle awareness is tricky for adultsnot to mention for youngsters.

Your child will learn to engage and use these muscles correctly so they can relax to empty and contract to hold. We’ll use visual cues, external biofeedbacklots of encouragementto get there.

Kids in sports

Success Story

Laughter is the best medicine...unless you have to worry about having an accident. 

Haley came to see me as a high school freshman and, while she was otherwise healthy, she one annoying problem: She wet her pants when she laughed too hard.


Haley kept extra pants in her school locker for those funny (but not so funny) moments. And thankfully, her friends were super awesome and never made fun of her for it! 


During our PT sessions, we:

  • Reviewed her diet, eliminating any irritating foods

  • Worked on the timing of bladder emptying

  • Practiced effective breathing patterns 

  • Trained her pelvic floor to fire rapidly and in response to breathing/diaphragm movement to help control the leaks


Within a few weeks, she noticed a dramatic decrease in the frequency of episodes and in the volume of leakage. At her last visit, she was still using the techniques she had learned and was continuing to make progress! 

Disclaimer: Patient details have been changed for confidentiality. This is a photo from It is not a photo of an actual Fundamental Physical Therapy patient.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, let’s work together to get your child the bowel & bladder PT they need.

 Whether it's constipation, leakage, bedwetting, or potty training, let's partner to help your child feel confident and have fun.


Wondering if PT is the right fit?

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