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Improving Pelvic  Function through Quality Physical Therapy

The basics are not always simple. 

When you struggle with bowel or bladder leakage or retention, you just want relief. When you have pelvic pain or pain with sex, it changes how you feel about everything. It can be hard to focus on everyday life when you constantly worry about how activities will be impacted by your pelvic issues.  That is why I am here.  To help you understand your body's response to pelvic pain and dysfunction and to teach you how to work with not just your pelvic floor muscles, but your whole body, to improve its ability to carry you through your daily activities.

Effective breathing. Comfortable posture.  Confident bladder control. Healthy bowel function. Pain-free intercourse. These activities are fundamental.

This is what pelvic physical therapy can do.



As a licensed physical therapist, specializing in pelvic physical therapy, I am keenly aware that the parts of your body do not function in isolation. What you eat, drink, think, and do all have an impact on how you feel.  While working together, we will look at all of these components and address their impact on your pelvic health, giving you tools and techniques to resolve dysfunction and maximize healthy behaviors.

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Pelvic physical therapy addresses bladder leakage (whether a little or a lot), hesitancy, incomplete emptying, bladder urgency, and urinary frequency in order to keep you dry, confident, and doing the things you love!



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