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Improving Pelvic  Function through Quality Physical Therapy

The basics are not always simple. 

When you struggle with bowel or bladder leakage or retention, you just want relief.

When you have pelvic pain or pain with sex, it changes how you feel about everything.

When you constantly worry about how activities will impact your pelvic issues, it can be hard to focus and be present in everyday life.  

When you are pregnant and your body is changing so fast, it is hard to know what you should and shouldn't do.

As a licensed physical therapist, specializing in pelvic physical therapy, I am keenly aware that the parts of your body do not function in isolation. What you eat, drink, think, and do all have an impact on how you feel.  While working together, we will look at all of these components and address their impact on your pelvic health, giving you tools and techniques to resolve dysfunction and maximize healthy behaviors. I am here to help you understand your body's response to movement, eating, stress, pregnancy, and pain and to teach you how to work with, not just your pelvic floor muscles, but your whole body, to improve its ability to carry you through your daily activities.

Effective breathing  Comfortable posture  Confident bladder control  

Healthy bowel function  ◆  Pain-free intercourse  ◆  Strong post-partum recovery

These activities are fundamental.

Reach out to see what pelvic physical therapy can do for you.

Darlene Ryan, PT
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Therapy Services

Toileting Challenges


Pelvic physical therapy addresses bladder leakage (whether a little or a lot), hesitancy, incomplete emptying, bladder urgency, and urinary frequency in order to keep you dry, confident, and doing the things you love!

Bathroom Issues

Bowel Management

Pelvic physical therapy addresses fecal leakage and constipation in adults and children. I can help you regain bowel control and bowel regularity by addressing fiber and fluid intake and by teaching important toileting habits and postures.

Pelvic Pain Hurts

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain, dyspareunia, painful sex, or vulvodynia can be life altering and can begin with pregnancy, major trauma, minor injury or no known cause at all. Pelvic physical therapy works to minimize pain so you can sit and stand comfortably, participate in social activities, and enjoy intercourse.

PT for Kids too!


Kiddos can have pelvic floor issues as well, ranging from giggle incontinence and bedwetting, to constipation and bowel leakage.  Children require specialized pelvic physical therapy to address their needs. Treatments and teaching are adjusted to be understandable and age-appropriate. I make therapy safe, comfortable, and fun by using personalized games and motivational strategies to achieve bowel and bladder control.

Pregnant Women

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy is such an exciting time! Your body is changing rapidly, in so many ways!  It can be hard to know what is normal, how to adjust and what activities are safe.   Pelvic physical therapy is a great resource for all new (and old) moms to ensure they are maximizing their potential to be strong and awesome for their kids!


Call or email today to see if pelvic therapy would be appropriate for you or reach out to schedule an appointment!

Phone: 704-565-9475    Fax: 704-464-0374

9541 Julian Clark Ave, Suite 201

Huntersville, NC 28078 (in FOCUS office suites)

Connect with me to find out more information or to schedule an appointment!

Thanks for taking the first step towards confident living! I will be in contact soon!

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