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Kids with bowel or bladder issues? Read this.

Updated: Mar 6

March 2022 Kids have bowel and bladder issues too!

Boy holding toilet paper rolls
Kids may need pelvic therapy too!

Pelvic floor and core problems are not limited to adults.

As children grow from infancy through adolescence, they are developing strength throughout their bodies, including the pelvic floor and core. They not only learn how to move, crawl, walk, run, and balance, but they have to learn how to control their bodily functions (think eating, swallowing, blowing their nose, and controlling their bowels and bladder!) Being able to manage these skills and control these functions independently is A BIG DEAL! These processes take years to develop and sometimes kids need a little support along the way. There are therapies to help with eating and swallowing, teaching children how to use their muscles to move the food around and swallow it. There are therapists who help work on postural control so that kids can sit up to eat or to use the commode. And there are pelvic physical therapists who help work on the potty-training issues!

Normal bowel and bladder training is complete by age 5. Kiddos with pelvic floor dysfunctions can present with many different issues, at many different ages. Bowel issues may include withholding, fecal smears (skid marks), abdominal pain, constipation and bedwetting. Bladder issues may present as giggle incontinence, urinary leakage while playing, urgency, bedwetting, or frequent UTIs.

Physical Therapy treatments include education on how the body works, breathing exercises, pelvic floor awareness, diet modifications, and exercises to improve hip and core strength and control… All catered to be fun and engaging for kids!

Bowel and bladder issues can be stressful for parents as well as kids – let us help you! Reach out with any questions!

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