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Ready to Potty Train? Tips for success

Updated: Jan 31

October 2023

Becoming independent with toileting is a huge milestone for both kids and parents – everyone is excited to graduate from diapers to underwear! But just because parents, caregivers, and teachers are ready to potty train does not mean the child is ready. Reaching a chronological milestone like a 2nd birthday or moving up to an older classroom at daycare is not as crucial to potty training as some other milestones. Here are some tips for successful potty training endeavors: Consider the following benchmarks for toilet training readiness: Are they interested in using the toilet? (Do they ask to use the toilet?) Can they stay dry for 2 hours at a time? (Do they wake from naps dry?) Can they follow simple commands? (without a fight?) Can they pull their own pants up and down? Are their poops soft and regular? Do they dislike being wet or soiled? (Do they ask to be changed?) Toilet training when the child is ready and interested will be a much easier and faster process! Training too early can lead to voiding dysfunctions, poor holding patterns and chronic constipation. Take your time, have fun, and reach out for help if you are having trouble!

toilet paper for helping train kids to be independent

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