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Potty training, Pregnancy and Menopause, oh,my! Pelvic Milestones in Life

Updated: Mar 6

March 2021

We just celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and gifted them personalized coffee mugs to commemorate the occasion. This got me thinking about milestones: “places or points in time where we mark or celebrate a significant change or stage of development”. We have been hitting quite a few in our house lately – not just the anniversary, but one child now a full-fledged teenager, the other a licensed driver with her first job. And we are quickly approaching the 2-year anniversary of the existence of Fundamental Physical Therapy as more than just a dream. And of course, how could I forget the 1-year anniversary of the COVID shut down?

But then I started thinking about how many of the milestones in life have connections to the body’s growth and function and I was surprised by the number I could think of that deal with pelvic function… getting out of diapers, starting menstrual cycles, marriage, sex, babies, menopause… All major transitions and significant milestones in life that may have substantial impact on the way our pelvic floor works.

One of the most fun parts of my job is getting to work with people in so many different stages of life, helping them to reconnect and relearn how their bodies (especially their pelvis!) can thrive in each new season.

What milestone are you celebrating? What new chapter are you starting? Is your pelvis ready?

Stack of rocks representing a milestone
Someone built this stack of stones to mark their accomplishment of a strenuous hike.

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