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Fall Reboot: Habits for pelvic health

Updated: Jan 31

September 2023

September at our house is a bigger reset than New Year's… it is when the new school year starts and we all shift back into a routine. We set ambitions for the new year and push back against our summer laziness to accomplish our goals, both big and small. If your family is anything like ours and is settling into a new rhythm, here are a few reminders about what your habits and pelvic health goals should be as you charge into this new season… It is healthy and normal to: Drink plenty of water and limit caffeine. (We recommend ½ ounce of liquid per pound of body weight) Eat whole fruits and vegetables. (the fiber is super helpful for a happy gut!) Be able to sleep all night without having to get up to go to the bathroom. Take deep breaths – using your ribs, belly and pelvic floor! It is not healthy or normal to: Leak urine with coughing, sneezing, running, laughing or lifting. Have pain with intercourse.

checklist of healthy habits
Habits for pelvic health

Go more than a day without a bowel movement, have hard lumpy stools, or plug toilets. Let’s make pelvic health part of our new routines! Questions? Call me and lets talk about it!

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