As your partner in healthcare, I wanted to let you know how Fundamental Physical Therapy is responding to the current situation regarding COVID-19. Your health and safety will always be my top priority and I am taking precautions to protect us all during this time.    As a medical provider, I have always followed CDC and OSHA standards of infection control. I have always taken extra care to disinfect all "touchable surfaces" for everyone's protection, wash my hands after each client, properly launder all linens utilized, and to properly use and disposal of personal protective equipment.         

 In this current situation, I have had to assess the best ways

to meet my clients’ needs at this time. I had initially planned

to be open, given that my treatment sessions are always

one-to-one and that there would never be more than 2-4

individuals at either of my treatment locations at any given


As we continue to learn more about this virus,

its transmission, and the potential burden on the healthcare

system if we do not try to curb its spread, I believe that it is

important to make appropriate adjustments to our care.

My highest priority is to promote health and safety for you, your families, and our greater community.                                      I have been able to expand to telehealth visits to offer care for those who would choose to continue to stay home and have made adjustments to cleaning and protection for those in the clinic.  I will be wearing a mask and ask that patients wear one as well. We are managing the schedule to minimize the number of people in the clinic at one time.  I am asking individuals to not come to the clinic if they are having any symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath).  I am continuing to monitor the situation and am willing to make further adjustments as needed.

In the meantime, stay focused on today, BREATHE. Stay Well! 


Fundamental Physical Therapy began out of a desire to be able to give personalized, high-quality, one-on-one care to the whole person, not just a diagnosis.  We want to be able to manage patient's care individually, set goals that are personal and meaningful, and restore joy and confidence to our patients.

Darlene Ryan, PT

Darlene was born and raised in Western New York, attending Daemen College for her Physical Therapy training. Darlene moved to Charlotte after graduation in 1997. She has been practicing in a variety of therapy environments with patients of all ages, but has found her greatest passion in treating women and children.  She has been working in the pelvic health arena since 2002, helping to start one of the first pelvic rehab programs in the Charlotte area. She eventually transitioned into exclusively outpatient pelvic therapy in 2006. She finds great joy in helping her patients walk through the challenging and sometimes awkward process of getting relief from bowel and bladder issues as well as tackling the difficult, but critical steps to achieve enjoyable sexual function.  Outside of work, Darlene invests in the lives of her own daughters, as well as works with middle school and high school girls, helping them to understand their great intrinsic value. She guides them to be proactive for their own health and well-being and to achieve their dreams using the skills and talents that they have been given.

Darlene has been a crucial part of my healthcare team in getting free from chronic pelvic pain. She is a skilled and compassionate physical therapist, and I am so grateful for her help! She is sensitive to my pace and what my body and nervous system can handle. As a result, I am able to enjoy my life so much more as we have gotten my symptoms dialed down significantly. And I have gotten stronger as well with the home exercises Darlene has given me. Now I have hope that my symptoms will eventually be resolved completely. Darlene is the best!

                                       ~ L.B., patient

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