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Sleep Issues and Bedwetting?

Updated: Aug 3

April 2023

Bowel and bladder function are fundamental to a healthy body!

Working in pelvic health, I spend a lot of time focusing on what happens at the end of the digestive tract… how does the body get rid of the things it does not need?

We all seem to understand the connection between what goes in and what comes out. But we are realizing there are more connections between what is happening in your mouth and what happens in your pelvis than just diet. Did you know that mouth breathers have a higher incidence of bed wetting? Crazy, right? Here’s the connection: Somewhere around the age of 4, our bodies start producing higher levels of a hormone called ADH (antidiuretic hormone) at night which tells the kidneys to slow down the production of urine. This hormone is produced when our bodies drift into REM (deep) sleep and allows us to go all night without having to wake to go to the bathroom (because less urine is produced and the bladder is less full). But those who have difficulty getting to the REM stage of sleep (sleep apnea, poor sleep habits, mouth breathers and snorers!) will have a higher level of urine production throughout the night and need to void more resulting in nighttime voiding or bedwetting.

So… if you have challenges with nighttime bladder accidents AND there is a history of snoring, sinus issues, mouth breathing or sleep apnea, you might consider having it looked in to!

Girl sleeping with mouth open

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