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Considering Pelvic Therapy? What are YOU waiting for?

Updated: Feb 4

July 2022

Why wait?

We have all heard that patience is a virtue. But in the pelvic therapy world, I would not say that this is necessarily the case.

I recently had a woman come see me for bladder leakage while working out, especially jumping. She had had this issue for 6 years since she had her last child. She had been living with it and hoping it would get better. But one day when talking with her sister, her sister said, “You don’t have to live with it, go do something about it!” Four therapy visits later, she is jumping with better form and no bladder leakage!

Why did she wait so long? For so many things, we just think it will go away on its own. But this may simply not be true.

Bladder urgency and leakage should not linger after the 6–8-w

eek post-partum window. If you are having issues – don’t wait!

Woman sitting on bench looking sad
Don't suffer unnecessarily!

Scar tissue continues to develop for a year or more after surgery – the sooner you deal with it, the better the results will be. Don’t wait!

Kids that are still bedwetting at 8-9 years of age will probably still be bedwetting at 18… They do not necessarily grow out of it. Don’t wait!

Addressing muscle weakness, spasms, poor core control and breathing patterns can improve the outcome of abdominal-pelvic surgeries. Don’t wait till after surgery to address underlying issues, do some Pre-hab!

You don’t have to live with it!

Do something about it!

Call now!

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