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Knowledge Is Power

Pearls of wisdom, words of inspiration, and nuggets of useful information

shared from Instagram (@fundamentalptcharlotte). See linked articles below under RESEARCH AND GOOD READS.

Resources: Articles & Resources
Online Resources

Research and
Good Reads

Home Use Products

Self Care Products for Home or
Clinic Use

Product Information 

I often mention or recommend products during the course of therapy that may facilitate your progress or allow you to work on therapy activities at home. Below are links to my most commonly recommended items.

(I have an affiliate relationship with these companies, allowing you a discount or me a small perecentage, however, most of these items are also available through Amazon / Google.)

Support Groups and Resources

You Never
Walk Alone

Resources for Kids

Support Information

A journey to pelvic health is not a journey that needs to be lonely. There are numerous support groups out there to connect you with others on the same path to healing.

Support Information

Kids are different. I have different strategies for them. And different resources for you.

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